‘Too Many Cheeky Dogs – Book Reading & Story Sharing (Lit K-1)’ Video Conference

The grade prep, 1 and 2 students enjoyed a wonderful hour with the author of Too Many Cheeky Dogs Johanna Bell. This was the first video conference that Johanna had participated in. The video conference was interactive and provided the students with the background to complete their own cheeky dog stories and cheeky monkey stories.

About the book

Too Many Cheeky Dogs Cover

‘On Monday I walked to my auntie’s house and guess what I saw?’ ONE yellow cheeky dog asleep on the floor.

So begins a heart-warming story about a bunch of naughty camp dogs and their mischievous adventures. Join them in a romp through numbers, colours and days of the week but be careful… the dogcatcher might get you!

The creation of Too Many Cheeky Dogs is a remarkable story involving Dion Beasley, a young, Indigenous artist who is profoundly deaf and has muscular dystrophy, and first-time author Johanna Bell. More than two years in the making, Too Many Cheeky Dogs overcame distance, disability and cross-cultural difference, inspiring many along the way. The book is testament to how much people can achieve when they put their minds to it and they’re supported along the way.

It doesn’t matter if you live in downtown Melbourne or three hours drive east of Alice Springs everyone knows at least one cheeky dog! Written initially to support Indigenous literacy, the mischievous canine characters in Too Many Cheeky Dogs will win hearts all over the country. Taken from http://toomanycheekydogs.com.au/about/about-the-book/

My dogs name is Daisy. Daisy is a girl. She is a Bull Arab Mastiff Ridgeback. She is a yellow-gold colour.

She likes to steal clothes and socks and sometimes she even steals toothpaste! Daisy is really naughty. She wags her tail and she is a medium size. She also jumps the wire fence! Daisy loves digging holes in the garden.

When I am lying on the grass she jumps on me. She has to go on a lead near the chook pen, because she likes eating chooks. She eats her food then comes and gets Busters!

She always licks us when we are hanging upside down. She puts the things she steals in her kennel. One day she broke her chain. Daisy runs and trips me over. Daisy plays with Buster. At night she barks at foxes. I love Daisy. By Sienna

My cheeky dog’s name is Taffy. Taffy is black and white and she is a medium sized dog.

My cheeky dog can be nasty. My dog likes digging, it dug up my garden. She ate my plants and vegetables.

Taffy is a Border Collie. Taffy is nasty sometimes, she fights other dogs. Taffy can be sneaky, she can sneak up onto you and jump on you. She can hurt you.

Taffy can annoy you when you’re supposed to be doing your work. Taffy is really cheeky she can push you over on the ground and also hurt you. When Taffy sleeps she sometimes snores loudly.

Taffy gets a big fright when there is a big bang in the house.

My dog splashes you when she jumps in muddy puddles, dogs can be nasty sometimes!

Taffy is nice sometimes.

By Declan

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